The RMP 440 SE utilizes a small enclosure which provides 2 channels of DC power (12 V and 24 V default) and can be placed anywhere along the mounting rails.

Built for Off-Road Transport

The RMP 440 SE leverages all of the redundant safety features of the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT). The motor controllers and brushless DC drive motors are each fully redundant, allowing component failures to be handled smoothly and safely.

Segway’s entire line of RMPs shares a single communications structure. This makes it easy to change mobility platforms, even at a late stage in development. If your requirements change you don’t have to worry about rewriting your control software; simply swap one RMP for another and keep going.

The RMP 440 SE is powered by five lithium-ion batteries, which provide a run time of ~8 hours of operation or ~24 hours in standby. The 440 SE can also wade through water up to 250mm (standard configuration) or 400mm (inverted gearboxes), operate in temperatures of 0-50° C, traverse slopes up to 30°, and meets IP66/NEMA 4 standards. All its military grade bulkhead connectors are rated for Severe Wind and Moisture Problem (SWAMP) areas.

Segway RMP 440 SE

  • Proven and Reliable Segway® Propulsion Technology
  • IP66 Enclosure
  • Rugged, All-Terrain, Four-Wheel Drive
  • High Payload, Speed and Range
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